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6MIK’s owner Sébastien Leonard will be on place for parts and fuel supply at the upcoming HB Race Days event on April 5 through 7, 2019 at the famous ARCF42 Off-Road track near Lyon, France. This fun weekend race is exclusively for HB Racing cars. There will be classes for HB 1/8 Nitro Buggies & 1/8 EP Buggies. Spec tyres (HB Racing Megabite, Compound Yellow) will be included in the entry. Friday is free practice and the racing is on Saturday & Sunday. See for more information on the race. Sébastien says of the upcoming inaugural HB Race Days event:

“I can’t wait to take part in the first HB Race Days event. The participants can count on me for parts and fuel supply so no one has to stop racing because of broken parts or empty tanks! 😉 See you there!”