The fifth round of the popular and competitive Winter Jumps Series was held at the permanent indoor track of Vaasa, Finland. The race was organized by the same team that organized the 2011 Worlds in Vaasa and the track was in perfect condition. The track surface is tile and Schumacher Mini pin being the controlled tire. Saturday was 2WD day and from the morning it was young talent Jamiel Gabrielsson (Team Associated) and Lauri Ruotsalainen (Team Associated) who were showing the best pace and after four rounds of qualifying both J.Gabrielsson and L.Ruotsalainen had two TQ rounds but J.Gabrielsson taking the overall TQ by tie-breaker. Local driver Oskari Mäki (Team Associated) lined up third, Arttu Syrjänen (Team Associated) fourth, Jarno Siltanen (Schumacher) fifth, Max Söderlund (Team Associated) sixth, Jani Mäkinen (Team Associated) seventh, Pekko Iivonen (Team Associated) eight, Markku Honkanen (Team Associated) ninth and Jarno Pottonen (Schumacher) tenth.

J.Gabrielsson took the win in the first final with a near clean run followed by A.Syrjänen and P.Iivonen. The second final was won by O.Mäki in front of P.Iivonen and J.Gabrielsson making the last final the decider. In the last final it was A.Syrjänen who kept his nerves and with other drivers making mistakes, he drove a perfect race to take the win securing the overall win. J.Gabrielsson came in second and O.Mäki in third.

2WD final results:

  1. Arttu Syrjänen Team Associated
  2. Jamiel Gabrielsson Team Associated
  3. Oskari Mäki Team Associated
  4. Pekko Iivonen Schumacher
  5. Jarno Siltanen Schumacher
  6. Lauri Ruotsalainen Team Associated
  7. Markku Honkanen Team Associated
  8. Max Söderlund Team Associated
  9. Jarno Pottonen Team Associated
  10. Jani Mäkinen Team Associated

Sunday was 4WD day and L.Ruotsalainen and J.Gabrielsson was again showing great speed with J.Siltanen and P.Iivonen matching the pace. In the end J.Gabrielsson took the TQ from J.Siltanen in second, L.Ruotsalainen in third, P.Iivonen in fourth, M.Söderlund in fifth, M.Honkanen in sixth, Jani Hovi (XRAY) in seventh, Ilmari Ullakko (HB Racing) in eighth, A.Syrjänen in ninth and O.Mäki in tenth. In the finals J.Gabrielsson showed that he had the best pace winning the first two finals with clean driving. L.Ruotsalainen and P.Iivonen rounded out the top 3.

4WD final results:

  1. Jamiel Gabrielsson Team Associated
  2. Lauri Ruotsalainen Team Associated
  3. Pekko Iivonen Schumacher
  4. Jarno Siltanen Schumacher
  5. Markku Honkanen Team Associated
  6. Max Söderlund Team Associated
  7. Jani Hovi Xray
  8. Arttu Syrjänen Team Associated
  9. Ilmari Ullakko HB Racing
  10. Oskari Mäki Team Associated

Thanks to Max Söderlund for the report.