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HB Racing have added to their range the new Gridlock V3 mounted tire for Nitro Buggy and E-buggy. The HB Gridlock V3 tires bridge the gap between the HB Khaos and Megabite tires and are designed to ensure longer life for long mains. The Gridlock V3 make it easy to get a good balance of handling and grip, and they work well on hard packed grooved tracks and oily conditions. They are mounted on Version 2 of the HB 1/8 Buggy dish wheels that are 20% lighter than the original version, and HB Racing black closed cell inserts are pre-installed. The HB Racing Gridlock V3 mounted tires are sold as pairs and available in Pink (Super Soft), Red compound (Soft) and White (Medium) compounds and also in the new Yellow compound (Medium Soft) which is in the range between the Pink and the Red compounds.