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Yokomo have introduced the new Laydown/Carpet transmission case for the YZ-2 line of 2WD buggies. Specially designed to use on carpet, astro and high-grip dirt tracks, the LC transmission case is a 3-piece construction that allows quick and easy diff access. It also uses the same style transmission cam adapter system as the current YZ-2T LD transmission case, which makes up and down the diff a breeze. The LC transmission case allows to lower the centre of gravity to improve the overall handling and performance on high traction surfaces. The YZ-2T Racing Truck can also use the LC transmission case. For all current YZ-2 buggies, these parts are needed to use the LC transmission case:

  • Z2- 302TLC – LC Transmission Case
  • Z2-302CT – Gear Box Cap / Diff Height Adapter for YZ-2T
  • Z2-304T – Aluminum Motor mount for YZ-2T
  • Z2-300RFT – Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (Front) for YZ-2T
  • Z2-118T – Battery holder/Radio Tray for YZ-2T