Last weekend, the first round of the Swedish Cup Series was hosted by Karlskrona MRK at their indoor facility in Kallinge. In 4WD Buggy qualifying it was obvious that several drivers were really quick, but in the end it was Elias Johansson (HB Racing) who came out on top with David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) lining up second and Alexander Landen third. In the first A-main A.Landen stayed with the front pack for the first two laps, but then went just a bit tight on a track marker and got slightly stuck, and had to let Wilhelm Skjöldebrand by. They had a really good battle together for a few laps before a small mistake where W.Skjöldebrand left the door slightly open after the straight gave A.Landen the possibility to re-take 3rd position.

Second main started less eventful and the race was very static. E.Johansson and D.Ronnefalk pulled away slightly, but in the end D.Ronnefalk lost some pace and A.Landen was able to catch up, but had to settle for 3rd again just 0.1s behind D.Ronnefalk. E.Johansson secured the overall win after winning A2, sat out A3. D.Ronnefalk started on pole position in front of A.Landen. D.Ronnefalk would secure a podium spot, but it was still to be decided who would take the final spot between A.Landen, W.Skjöldebrand and Hampus Berg (HB Racing). The fight was intense, and at one time they were all running side by side across a double jump. A.Landen managed to stay in the lead of the chasing pack behind D.Ronnefalk, and in the end D.Ronnefalk stripped his spur gear handing A.Landen the win and second overall.