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Pilot RC Products have introduced their Magic maintenance mat. This unique product is designed specifically for handling the rough conditions that are faced when maintaining your RC car and electronics. It is designed specifically for holding small screws and easy to lose components. The grippy surface makes sure you don’t have things rolling away while staying heat and chemical resistant. You can hold your high power soldering iron directly onto the surface and it will still maintain its smooth factory look. The mat is also completely free of magnets that can harm your motors components. If you make a mess on the mat it can easily be washed or wiped down to maintain the factory Pilot grey color. Additionally after wrenching or washing the mat you can throw it back in your bag with no fears of damaging it.


  • Molded in organization
  • Completely Solder Prof
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable long lasting design
  • Pilot Factory Grey color