AVID have introduced the new Aura Steel Revolution bearing line. Because it is oiled and slightly higher tolerances than the grease Halo line, the bearing will perform almost as well as the high-end Aura Ceramics but at more than half the cost. It is designed for the highly competitive racer that wants to have an edge but does so much racing that spending the money on the Aura Ceramic’s isn’t always practical.

The bearing comes in the AVID’s Revolution seal that they innovated back in 2003, which is a rubber seal on one side and metal on the other. AVID are offering it this way because it is the most versatile option available. All AVID bearings are made with Chromium Steel races because the surface finish is smoother than other materials such as Stainless Steel. This results in less noise and better performance. The Aura Steel Revolution bearings are now available in the FlexKit software or separately.


  • Deep groove chrome steel 52100 rings with premium surface finish.
  • Lubricated with high-speed AeroShell light oil.
  • Revolution seal, which we innovated in 2003, (1) rubber seal and (1) metal shield. Allows you to remove the rubber seal if you are racing on a dust free environment.
  • Tighter tolerances than our greased $1 Halo bearing line.