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After his win in the Pro E-buggy class at the 2019 Dit Nitro Challenge, HB Racing asked some questions to former World Champion David Ronnefalk about Perfoma Racing. D.Ronnefalk used his HB E817 V2 buggy powered by a Performa P1 motor and speed controller to set the Top Qualifier spot and also take the win. Here’s what he had to say after the race.

HB Racing: Congratulations on your victory at the 2019 Dirt Nitro Challenge using the E817 V2 electric off-road buggy! How was the race event for you – obviously you won – but how did you get there? Was it an “easy win”?

David Ronnefalk: The race was pretty much flawless for me with my Performa equipped HB Racing E817 V2. Before DNC I practiced on another track close by and it felt very promising. Once practice was under way at the DNC we quickly realized the track was going to get very rough throughout the week. We made a couple of changes to the car and together with the super smooth power delivery from the new prototype Performa ESC the car felt amazing. From that point I knew it was my race to lose, I kept it together and took a convincing win in the 10 minute A-main after starting out on pole as I TQ’d 2 out of 3 qualifiers.

HB Racing: What was the key advantage the E817 V2 gave you?

David Ronnefalk: The most important thing you needed was the car to handle the bumps very well. With a great shock package the car really felt amazing out there and it was very smooth over the bumps and it didn’t get upset when you got off the line, which was a key.

HB Racing: Have you made any special modifications or settings to the car?

David Ronnefalk: I think the major difference on the car is that I used the 43/13 nitro gearing inside the gearboxes. Normally I prefer the standard 43/10 E817 V2 gearing because it gives more punch coming out of the corners, but for the very rough DNC track I went with 43/13 to get more throttle control.

HB Racing: What option parts did you use?

David Ronnefalk: This time I must say the car was very much stock. For option parts I used the hard suspension arms, and for this track I also had the optional 2.75 degree toe in the rear. For the rear hub plates I used #5 from the 817 series. Other than those and the nitro 43/13 gearing, the car was a standard E817 V2.

HB Racing: Any general comments about this race event?

David Ronnefalk: The DNC is one of my favourite races of the year. I love the big races where you go up against most of the professional drivers out there for 1/8 buggy. I have had my fair share of success at the event before and this was my 4th Pro class win. This time it was at a new location and even though I really liked it in Arizona I must say for this event it was a very good facility. The crew did a massive job to get us on the track in time for practice as they had terrible weather and lots of rain leading up to the race. Also during the first two days it was very cold and we also had a bit of rain, but after that the rest of the week was great with warmer weather and good races. I wish I could have finished off the event with the Pro Nitro Buggy win as well but it wasn’t to be this time which was unfortunate as I got such a good start in the main. I will be back next year and try to get some more wins!