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RC Discharger have introduced the new iCharger X6 regenerative discharger. It allows to charge and discharge your battery at 30A on your iCharger X6 using the cycle mode and it recovers the energy from the discharge to re-use it during the charge. The RC Regenerative Discharger is made in U.S.A.


  • Discharges your lipos from 1S to 2S at 30A
  • Recovers energy while discharging to re-use it for charging
  • Is ready to use: plugs easily to your iCharger X6
  • Has a clean and neat design with short wires
  • Optimizes space with our stand for charger and power supply
  • Uses the Cycle mode on your iCharger X6
  • No Resistor Bank to disconnect after the discharge to charge on your X6