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Performa Racing have introduced the new P1 3.5 nitro engines. The Performa Racing P1 nitro engines are developed by engine guru Adrien Bertin, who opted for the CRF technology as a base. A.Bertin applies his special touch by personally tuning, preparing, and running-in each Performa P1 nitro engine. The P1 ‘Nitro’ 3 port engine combines excellent fuel efficiency and run time with the traditional aggressive bottom end and strong mid through top end of a 3 port design.

The Performa Racing P1 ‘Radical’ 3 port engine provides a smooth, linear power band with strong bottom through top end. Excellent run time makes them ideal for Buggy racers that like a smooth engine with power on tap at all times! The Performa Racing P1 ‘Radical’ 7 port engine provides tremendous torque with exceptional top end. A linear power band makes them drivable despite the insane power of the 7 port design. They’re ideal for Buggy or Truggy racers that race on large track.

Every single engine and part is hand-inspected by Adrien Bertin, so delivery might take few days due to the time required to prepare the ABI tuned engines.