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Monaco RC have introduced two fireproof LiPo bags. The fireproof LiPo fly bag measures 205x55x155mm, features a double sturdy zipper and comes with a practical handle that ensures easy handling. In addition to be used to recharge the batteries, the fly bag is designed to carry many batteries on-board a plane in perfect safety. The fireproof LiPo fly bag allows also the carrying of power banks, camera batteries, electronic cigarettes and more. The fireproof LiPo fly bag comes in two versions, including one with a pre-cut inner foam and it sports Monaco RC graphic.

The second fireproof LiPo bag allows store three batteries and features the same characteristics as the fireproof LiPo fly bag such as the fireproof material designed to reduces the damage done in case a LiPo battery goes boom during charging, discharging or storage. The fireproof LiPo bag features a Velcro closure to keep the lid closed securely.