“The Start” ARMI race was held at the SDC Offroad Track in Serpong, near from the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia. The race attracted 60 racers and was held in the 4WD, 2WD and Short Course classes. In the 4WD class, Bowie Ginting (Tekno RC) secured the overall TQ with a tied-point with Ray Timothy (XRAY). Rizky Pradana lining-up his XRAY in third followed by Rama Tribudiman (HB Racing) and Jason Nugroho (XRAY). R.Tribudiman (Team Associated) secured the 2WD class TQ after secured the first and second leg followed by the Team Associated duo of Yuri Taruna and Eric Kristianto, while Rusman Kusnowo sealed the pole for the Short Course class. In the 4WD class, a win in the second and third final handed B.Ginting the win, followed by R.Tribudiman in second and Rizki Pradana (XRAY) in third. Rama Tribudiman would sweep the 2WD class by scored the hat-trick in all round. Ariathena (XRAY) secured the runner up with Yuri Taruna (Team Associated), who won the Short Course class as well, sealed the third place.

4WD final results:

  1. Bowie Ginting (Tekno/Zombie)
  2. Rama Tribudiman (HB Racing/Orion)
  3. Rizki Pradana (Xray/Muchmore)
  4. Rusman Kusnowo (Tekno/Hobbywing)
  5. DeFalla Putra (Associated/Reedy)
  6. Ray Timothy (Xray/Muchmore)
  7. Ariathena (Tekno/Hobbywing)
  8. Yan Yusuf (Associated/Reedy)
  9. Yuri Taruna (HB Racing/Orion)
  10. Jason Nugroho (Xray/Tekin)

2WD final results:

  1. Rama Tribudiman (Associated/Reedy)
  2. Ariathena (Xray/Tekin)
  3. Yuri Taruna (Associated/Hobbywing)
  4. Rizky Pradana (Xray/Muchmore)
  5. Eric Kristianto (Associated/Orion)
  6. Donnie Pangemanan (Associated/Hobbywing)
  7. Aldi (Sworkz/Hobbywing)
  8. Keiricci Liono (Associated/Reedy)
  9. Marcell Andries (Associated/Hobbywing)
  10. Ronny Suwarto (Xray/Orca)

Thanks to Bowie Ginting for the report.