See: Creation Model Ltd.

RCGP have announced that Creation Model Ltd. is introducing their Infinity Racing Team as part of the RCGP World Series. Creation Model Ltd is one of the newer R/C manufacturers in Japan known for their quality RC parts, accessories, and tools. They have been known for their on-road and touring cars, and have been venturing into off-road. They want to be part of RCGP’s growth also as an opportunity to showcase the quality of the products that they have. Infinity Racing is the 4th manufacturer team to join RCGP after HB Racing, SWORKz and JQRacing which joined earlier.

“Creation Model Ltd. is pleased to join the RCGP World Series with our INF1NITY Racing Team. We are the youngest R/C manufacturer on the scene and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to climb over the wall, to promote our hobby like it deserves, in the motorsports scene. This format brought “from racers to racers” promises a lot of fun, excitement and media exposure, which is now compulsory in order for our hobby to survive in the 21st century. We want to be a part of it from the beginning… Can’t wait to start this new challenge together; See you at the RCGP events!”