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LRP have introduced the new Competition Car Line Graphene 3 LiHV battery packs. The high-performance packs are built using high-power 120/130C Graphene 3 technology cells a significant step forward compared to the Graphene 2 technology. The Graphene 3 technology cells provides more power over the whole run and less fading towards the end, resulting in constant lap times. The Modified range consists in three HV Ultra LGG packs including 5000mAh, 5500mAh and 6400mAh packs and two HV LGG Shorty packs in 3900mAh and 4500mAh. The Stock Spec range is made up of a 6000mAh, a 7300mAh and a 8000mAh HV LCG packs and four HV LGG Shorty packs including 3500mAh, 3900mAh, 4800mAh and 5800mAh packs.