This past weekend was held the Dirt Classic race at he Trukz RC track in Calgary, Canada. With temperature outside reaching -23 celsius, they were able to keep the temperature inside the building to a balmy 15 degrees celsius. The grip on the track was very low, because of the low temps outside, the ground was very cold which at times caused there to be small sections that actually had ice on the track, club members went out on the track with blow torches to keep the track in good shape, but tire prep was very important. In the 2WD Buggy class, after four round of qualifying it was Ty Tessmann (XRAY) who took the TQ and also the win in the single 8-minute final in front Team Associated duo of Peter Toszer in second and Eric Hardy in third. In the 4WD Buggy class, Kevin Thompson (XRAY) brought home the win from Karim Kanji and Mark Hughes in second and third respectively.