See: Schumacher Racing

This past weekend was held the fifth round of the hugely popular Worksop Series, there was once again a fantastic entry of drivers across the three classes of 2wd, 4wd and the vintage buggy class. As always it was round by round qualifying as the racing format, with the best 2 results from 4 rounds of qualifying counting towards the final position. The track layout was huge and there were many impressive looking ramps and jumps that had been created by the brilliant Worksop track team.

Qualifying in 2wd saw a dominating performance by Jonathan Skidmore, taking TQ in 3 out of the 4 rounds to take pole position from Matthew Thompson and Craig Collinson. In 4wd things were also going great for Skidmore, as he took TQ in 2 rounds and would line up on pole. Craig Collinson had also taken 2 round TQ’s and lined up second on the grid, ahead of James Helliwell who lined up third respectively. In the Vintage class it was Chris Slater who dominated proceedings once again, taking TQ in 3 qualifying rounds to line up on pole. Lee Broadhurst was second and Simon Kemp lined up third.

The A Final 2wd result was:

  1. Jonathan Skidmore Xray
  2. Ben Smith Schumacher
  3. David Snee Kyosho
  4. Luke Holdsworth Schumacher
  5. Tommy Hall AE
  6. Dom Nunn Xray
  7. Neil Adamson Kyosho
  8. Matthew Thompson Kyosho
  9. Craig Collinson Xray
  10. Jamie Hall AE
  11. Greg Williams PR Racing

The A Final 4wd result was:

  1. Jonathan Skidmore Xray
  2. Craig Collinson Xray
  3. Mitchell Fiddling Schumacher
  4. Luke Holdsworth Schumacher
  5. Greg Williams PR Racing
  6. James Helliwell Xray
  7. Josh Holdsworth Schumacher
  8. Ben Jemison AE
  9. Tommy Hall AE
  10. Dom Nunn Xray
  11. Karl Marsden Kyosho

The Vintage A Final result was:

  1. Lee Broadhurst
  2. Chris Slater
  3. Steve Lander
  4. Simon Kemp
  5. Mark Hazelden
  6. Richard Johnson
  7. Russell Woodhouse
  8. Jim Drennon
  9. Sam Hunt
  10. Phil Barlow