See: Team Losi Racing

Team Losi Racing have introduced the new 8IGHT X-E E-buggy kit. Based on the 8IGHT-X Nitro Buggy, the X-E features a more traditional ‘wide’ style chassis that increases stability, balance and gives the buggy a more neutral feel. This also allows for the component’s to be spread out instead of cramped together as with a narrow style chassis making maintenance a breeze. To create an easier to drive, more consistent 4wd feel to the 8IGHT-XE, the entire driveline has been redesigned to create a reduced driveline angle on both the front and rear drive shafts. This not only creates an equalized driveline but also reduces wear on key driveline components.

The TLR engineers worked relentlessly to get the perfect balance on the 8IGHT X-E by moving components to key locations on the chassis to provide the best driving feel and balance to the vehicle. The 8IGHT X-E features a newly designed battery mounting system that not only saves weight, but it also makes battery installation and removal quick and easy. The new lightweight and durable motor mount aids in heat dissipation and helps adjustment for quick gearing changes. The motor is now mounted to the chassis rather than hanging off the center diff for added durability.

The 8IGHT X-E Next Gen suspension geometry has been completely revamped making a car that is fast, nimble, and easy to drive. This includes a myriad of updates including aluminum spindles, 17.5-degree spindle carriers, longer front shocks, wider front pivot with less scrub radius, narrower rear pivot, longer rear shocks, and updated hub offset.

The body has been completely redesigned on the 8IGHT X-E to incorporate the cab-forward styling which creates more downforce on the front of the body. This extra downforce improves forward traction and steering. The rear of the body has been designed to create maximum airflow for less drag, while a center fin keeps the buggy stable at speed.