Source: Colin Herzig (Facebook)

This past weekend was held the Stadium Nitro Shootout race at the SoCal Nitro Raceway in Adelanto, California. The layout was great and featured some massive jumps. The track became very bumpy and moisture came up once the sun went down. In the Nitro Buggy class, Colin Herzig (HB Racing) was able to TQ the first two rounds of qualifying meaning the overall TQ. C.Herzig started on pole and had a good start but a little mistake which shuffled him back a few positions. He just put his head down, and charged back to the front but about 8-minute from the end, there was a technical difficulty with the computer system, so the final had to restart. The restart would go on to be a 10-minute race and C.Herzig brought home the win from his team mate Tyler Brown in second and Anthony Westergaard (TLR) in third.