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REDS Racing have introduced the new WR5 Italia Limited Edition engine. Based on the WR5 Black Diamond engine, the sleeve with 5 inlet ports and exhaust port with boosters guarantees low fuel consumption and smooth power delivery. The new engine is suitable for all track grip conditions (low- medium -high) thanks to its power curve.

The WR5 Italia Limited Edition engine features the new 3 needle setting VCX3 carburetor which improves idle stability and tuning options. It improves also mid to top range power curve with smooth response thanks to a special low speed needle and mid range spray bar. The DLC-coated crankshaft features a Extra Tuning by Mario Rossi for improved power and better performance. To stand out, the engine comes with a new black gloss cooling head with Italian flag colors on top. The WR5 Italia Limited Edition engine is hand-assembled by REDS Racing’s own Mario Rossi.