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JQ Racing have appointed Thomas Gisler as new Team Representative in Brasil. Thomas brings the experience and knowledge needed to grow JQ Racing in the biggest country in South America. Thomas has won the Rio De Janeiro State championship 2 times and finished in third at the Brasilian Nationals in 2018. Thomas will continue to race his Black edition and build a solid Brasilian team to tackle the competition. When asked why he chose JQ Racing again he had this to say:

“Why am I coming back to JQ? I have tested the car at the end of 2018, and I loved it from the first moment on. While the previous version didn’t work real well on our mostly loose and bumpy tracks, the Black Edition immediately felt at home, very easy to drive and very fast and agile. Besides that, I always loved the way the JQ community is helping each other and distributes information as I have never seen with any other brand. I will be racing in 2019 the Rio de Janeiro State Championship, some rounds of the Sao Paulo State Championship, the Brazilian Nationals and some other events on important tracks throughout Brazil”

If you are interested in trying out a JQ Racing car please contact Thomas via email: