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O.S. Engines have introduced two new nitro engines in the form of the Speed B2103 Type S and Speed B2103 Type R. First up is the B2103 Type S engine. This 3-port long-stroke engine offers a high torque at mid-low range with a sweet delivery and low consumption. The crankcase, the crankcase cap and the carburetor feature a new design. The new DLC-coated crankshaft has two tungsten counterweights for smooth rotation and better balancing. The B2103 Type S comes with a low–profile cooling head to provide better drivability and also vertical fins on the top to improve heat dissipation. An O-ring between the cooling head and the combustion camber insert reduces vibrations protect against dirt thanks to a better sealing. The new 22D carburetor guarantees high response and smooth acceleration.

Also new is the B2103 Type R engine. This 5-port long-stroke engine offers great power at medium-high speeds. It shares the same new features as the Type S engine except the cylinder and the cooling head which has a standard round shape. All the parts are interchangeable between the peed B2103 Type S and R. Both engines will be available from the end of January 2019.