Social networks are sometimes an effective way to give us information, spread rumours or confirm them. Rumours are affecting a lot of pilots at the end of the year. Ryan Cavalieri at Kyosho or SWORKz, Ty Tessmann at TLR or Kyosho, CJ Jelin at Team Associated or TLR, Jared Tebo at Infinity or XRAY and Ryan Lutz at Kyosho or Agama. Few drivers, many possibilities. The last two drivers or their surroundings left tracks that may be worth following. J. Tebo and R. Lutz have put an extremely pixelated picture of their new buggies. On Christmas Day Nemo Racing USA published that a huge’gift’ would be about to be unveiled. We only know one thing: its height, more than 6 feet to be precise. Who is more than 6 feet tall? It’s up to you to find out 😉