The Cap Go Meh race was held last weekend at the Forluck RC Raceway track in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. “Cap Go Meh” represents the 15th day and the last day of the Lunar New Year celebrations for Chinese communities around the world. The race was held in 4 rounds of 10 minutes qualifying where the 3 best counted. After 4 qualifying rounds, Jason Nugroho (XRAY/Novarossi) got TQ honours and he secured his first position followed by Stanley Wangsanegara (HB Racing/O.S) and Adrian Wicaksono (Mugen/O.S). In the 45-minute final it was J.Nugroho with the win from S.Wangsanegara in second two laps down while A.Wicaksono came in third one more lap down.

Main final results:

  1. Jason Nugroho Xray / Novarossi
  2. Stanley Wangsanegara HB/ OS
  3. Adrian Wicaksono Mugen/OS
  4. Edianto Ong Kyosho / Reds
  5. Rizky P Mugen / OS
  6. Faisal Ali Mugen / OS
  7. Ivanka Xray / Reds
  8. Chopin TLR / OS
  9. Dimas Arianto Mugen / OS
  10. Seng An HB / Alpha
  11. Niki H Xray / FX
  12. Willy S HB / OS
  13. Asang Mugen / Reds
  14. Andi Indra Sworkz / Spower
  15. Fredy Kyosho / Reds

Thanks to Michael Nugroho for the report.