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Summum brothers have announced that they are no longer the distributor for Agama in Spain. Summum Brothers had been distributing Agama for about ten years and providing support in Spain but also during international races. Summum brothers’s Dani Vega had the following to say:

“I want to make this international announcement to thank in the first place all the customers and drivers who during the last almost 10 years since I started with Agama have trusted me and the brand, that despite the economic crisis have been and are there while in Agama we have evolved the platform until these days.

Also congratulate the brand itself and all of its human members in Asia and in EU for having been making this effort to make you enjoy with Agama and their cars. I want to communicate that from now on another company will be responsible for the distribution of Agama in Spain, for that reason you should go from there to them for any purchase.”