The fifth round of the 2018 M.K.Power Off-road Championship was held at the XMG track in Dongguan, Southern part of China, about 90km away from Hong Kong border. Racers from mainland China, Taiwan, Macau as well as Hong Kong racers participate in this race. The series planned with total 6 rounds of race for the Nitro Buggy class, the best 5 out of 6 rounds will be counted toward the overall champion of the 2018 series. For the Nitro Truggy class, best 3 out of 4 rounds will be counted. In qualifying rounds, Tekno duo of Jonathan and Carson Yeung rom Hong Kong was the fastest and both took the overall TQ in Nitro Buggy and Truggy classes respectively. J.Yeung was the only driver to make 17 laps in qualify.

In the Nitro Buggy class A-Main final, J.Yeung started on pole position but a mistake in a double jump in the first lap dropped him to second place. Nevertheless, in the same lap he was able to take back the lead and never look back. After about 20-minute J.Yeung already lapped HU in second and he keep pushing the speed to gain more margin. At about 37-minute Hu had a issue allowing Zhan Wei to take the second spot. In the end, J.Yeung took an easy win with 89 laps from Z.Wei three laps down and TQ Keung in third also with 86 laps.

In the Nitro Truggy class A-Main final, C.Yeung started at the first place but a mistake in first lap dropped him to the fourth place. The leading position was swapped several times and after the 30-minute final it was Nelson who grabbed the win with 60 laps in front of C.Yeung in second 4.9sec gap behind while Hu rounded out the top 3 one lap down.

Thanks to Carson Yeung for the report.