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After fulfilling a second five-year stint with Kyosho as an International Team driver, Jared Tebo after ten years, will be retiring from the Kyosho Team. Jared got his start in 1:8 nitro off-road racing with Kyosho back in 2004, taking victories in most of the major events during that season. He moved to another brand for a few years, and then came back to Kyosho in 2008, just in time for the release of the MP9 on the nitro side, and during the reign of the RB5 and ZX5 electric buggies in the 1:10-scale categories, and the RT and SC trucks.

Rumours of his possible departure were therefore true. Other rumors indicate that J. Tebo signed at Tekno’s. Will J. Tebo take Ryan Lutz’s place at Tekno and R. Lutz J. Tebo’s place at Kyosho?

Over the past ten years Jared amassed eight ROAR National Championships in the electric categories along with a total of 26 podium finishes. In IFMAR competition, Jared notched a World Championship title for the Ultima RB6, a podium finish behind the win of Cody King in Thailand in 2010, and total of five podiums in IFMAR competition.

“Kyosho staff would like to thank Jared for representing its products for the last ten years, and for being such a dedicated ambassador for Kyosho and for the sport in general. We wish him the best in whatever endeavors his future will bring, and thank him for his unwavering dedication for a decade.” – Kyosho