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AMain Hobbies have introduced their new range of ProTek RC Silicone Graphene + LiHV battery packs. The range consists of 13 battery packs including eight 2S batteries, one 3S battery, two 4S batteries and two 1S batteries, all made of 120C Silicon Graphene cells offering more power and lower internal resistance when compared to the previous ProTek LiHV Graphene packs. The discharge curve is flatter, meaning the cells maintain higher voltage throughout the discharge cycle with no significant drop off. Additionally, when compared to conventional LiPo batteries Silicon Graphene batteries are lighter, providing a higher capacity per gram ratio.

The 2S batteries (7.6V) are available as 3600mAh or 4100mAh LCG Shorty battery packs, as 4900mAh or 5800mAh Shorty battery packs, also as 6100mAh or 7000mAh LCG standard-size battery packs and as 7400mAh or 8200mAh standard-size battery packs. The 3S battery (11.4V) is available as 4100mAh Shorty battery pack, the 4S batteries (15.2V) are available as 4100mAh or 6500mAh standard-size battery packs while the 1S battery packs (3.8V) are available as 6800mAh or 8100mAh standard-size battery packs.