The third round of Mibosport Cup 2018/19 was held last weekend at the Sport Hotel Hrotovice in the Czech Republic. Martin Bayer (XRAY) was on the top after the free practices in both 4WD and 2WD classes. He also kept his first position after controlled practices in 4WD, but in 2WD the top seed was Ales Bidovsky (Team Associated). M.Bayer was able to take the TQ spot in both classes. Max Götzl (XRAY) lined up second and Karel Novotny (XRAY) third on the 4WD A final grid while in 2WD it was A.Bidovsky and K.Novotny who lined up in second and third. In 4WD M.Bayer snatched the win in A1 and A2 from K.Novotny, who always finished in second and M.Götzl few seconds behind them in both finals. A3 was about to decide the Top 5 as M.Bayer already secured the overall win. M.Bayer was able to win the A3 in front of Adam Izsay (XRAY) in second. Overall M.Bayer won from K.Novotny in second and M.Götzl in third.

In 2WD, M.Bayer didn’t have also easy win, because A.Bidovsky was able to win A1, but Martin put two solid runs in A2 and A3 to take the overall win. A.Bidovsky finished in second while A.Izsay came in third.