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For several months Kyosho has been very active and has unveiled many kits including the RB7, ZX7, MP9 TKI4 ReadySet and Inferno MP9e Evo but nothing to delight fans who love the smell of nitro. For many years now, the famous MP9 TKI has enabled Kyosho to win several titles as the Japanese brand’s flagship model has evolved. The demand for an MP10 is not new, but so far Kyosho seemed to want to make the most of the potential of a buggy that has still managed to reach the 2018 Worlds final.

Kyosho has posted a video showing what could be the MP10 and although at the moment nothing can indicate if this is really the case, Yuichi Kanai’s signature is not insignificant. The time for change has finally come? To be continued….