Source: IOCC (Facebook)

This past weekend was held the International Offroad Carpet Championship 2018 at the WestGate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The forthcoming TLR 22 5.0 2WD buggy made its first appearance at the event. There are three versions of this new 22 5.0, the AC (Astro-Carpet) and the DC (Dirt-Clay) and SR (Spec Racer) versions. TLR’s Frank Root attended the event with its 22 5.0 AC with the following features:

  • New camber block: Now has three positions. The original inside hole plus and outside hole and now a middle position. Added 1mm height so you don’t have to run as many ball stud washers to get the correct height while adding durability at the same time.
  • Battery Strap System: It keys into the mudguard that has 5 repeatable locations so you can have the battery in the same position time and time again. The battery is held in the battery cradle with an elastomer band that stretches to any battery shape or battery heights when using different brass plates.
  • G3 Shocks: The new shocks use a 12mm bore with an all-new 3mm shock shafts with all the seals and bushings to accommodate the new shafts. The pistons are the screw on type and the included kit springs are low frequency. The eyelets come in standard height and a +2 cup that hold the low and high spring cups, which screw into the eyelets for nice secure hold. New molded caps are a little shorter up top with thinner spring collars to get more ride height out of the car for low ride heights related with carpet racing.
  • New Slipper System: Called The Super Heavy Duty Slipper, it uses larger M5 shaft with a new spring that has an extra half coil so it stays flatter. The slipper plates are a new smaller diameter so that they don’t deflect as much. The slipper pad materials are now smaller that fit into the new spur gears that come in 69, 72, 75, 78 and 81.
  • New Gear Differential: Uses composite internal gears and machined lightweight outdrives which overall provides a dramatically low rotating mass unit that performs very well and provides more grip than the conventional gear diff.
  • 68mm Drive Shafts: The 68mm shafts are included in the kit and the new length prevents less bone lock up over the inner pin, which allows the car to roll more on power that is a plus when racing on carpet.
  • Revised Steering Geometry: Uses new bellcranks, rack and spindle arms, which allow the car to have more variance in ackerman settings and basically allows the car to have more steering with low speed and smoother high speed. New angled steering ball cups allow the new steering geometry to fit around the shocks when they are in any location.
  • New Front Sway bar Mount: Adjustable from the front of the car, so very little disassembly is required to adjust or change the sway bar. Different size bars will fit and will be available for different conditions.