Since the end of the IFMAR 1/8 IC Off-Road Worlds tongues have loosened and many things, true and false have circulated on the RC web. Each week brings new comments, videos and photos to try to explain what really happened at the scrutineering that followed the Main final.

Who can better than Darrin Francis, the Chief Technical Officer for the event, explain what really happened? Here is his story:

“At the end of the 1 hour worlds race the 3 scrutineers watched each of the 3 placed cars from when they finished the race until they were presented at scrutineering, along with their respective radio’s. The cars did not leave our sight. All 13 cars were presented at scrutineering. Of the 3 cars, Ongaro’s car was the last to arrive as they had glued the battery connection into the connector on the outside of the receiver box. The only way they could turn the electronics off was to pry the battery wires out of the connector, which I witnessed them do. The car was then presented to scrutineering. (If you look at the “Under the hood” photo’s of Ongaro’s car you can see the connector glued to the side of the receiver box) As you can’t get a clip over the connector a smart person would glue this connector together for the final so that it can’t vibrate apart.

Cars were then checked as they had been numerous times during the event for width, wheelbase, height, weight, wing legality (After wing gate at Vegas) tire width and diameter. Fuel capacity’s were also checked. All brands of fuel had been checked during the event multiple times at random for their nitro content. At this stage all cars had passed the preliminary stage of scrutineering. Next cars and radios were switched back on ( Ongaro supplied us with a spare battery to powerup his car) radio’s were checked for extra channels or hidden menu’s or anything in the settings that was out of the “Norm”. The cars were then violently tipped in random motions for around 20 seconds to see if any servo’s self corrected without any input from the transmitter, possibly indicating that a gyro may be in use. All cars and radio’s passed this section as well. Next all receiver boxes and battery compartments were opened and everything removed from them, including foam etc to see if anything was hidden inside them. Battery’s and receivers were also checked for abnormalities. Once again all cars passed.

Finally all cars had their cooling heads and buttons removed to allow the motors to be measured. Only Bores could be measured as IFMAR had only told us on the day that this was going to be done and the equipment needed to measure the strokes was unavailable. At this point the first 3 cars had all passed scrutineering and were deemed legal therefore the results were ratified and stood. No protest was ever received, this was just a rumor. If anyone did manage to cheat and get away with it then that would make the victory a hollow one and it will be something they have to live with for the rest of their life. I have made suggestions to IFMAR regarding the procedure at the end of the race to further enhance the credibility of our sport at future worlds.”