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HB Racing have introduced the new slipper set for the D418. This optional slipper allows racers to tune their buggy for optimal performance. It’s recommended for high traction carpet tracks to help absorb drivetrain impacts when landing jumps, which improves the reliability and life of the drivetrain. It can also be used on low traction surfaces to tune wheel spin when accelerating for better corner exit speeds and on-power steering.

The Slipper set includes:

  • HB204431 D418 Slipper Disc (2pcs)
  • HB204432 D418 Slipper Spring (1pc)
  • HB204433 D418 Slipper Outdrive Set
  • HB204434 D418 Slipper Maintenance Set
  • HB116273 Spur Gear 70T
  • HB116310 Slipper Pad Set (3pcs)
  • HB204261 Bearing 8x14x4mm V2
  • HB204430 D418 Slipper Stamped Wrench (7.0/10)