Photo Gallery | Q4 Results

Four rounds into qualifying and we witnessed an eventful Q4 with a watered track for the top guys in heat 1, struggling to match laptimes seen earlier in the day as they ran in the evening dusk. Ty Tessmann’s run would come to an end with Davide Ongaro pitting early and then clicking off strong laps to commence his qualifying rescue operation. Ryan Maifield would have a run to forget whilst heat two benefitted from slightly better track conditions. David Ronnefalk was out on a charge after his Q3 breakage and was flying until disaster struck on lap 11 at the end of the straight his engine died, pitman Adrien Bertin sprung into action and worked to re-fire the car with a suspected glow plug failure. Ronnefalk would lose 40 secs and any hope of a decent time, the lap before he was 1.57 sec under Ongaro’s time. This left Ryan Cavalieri who has had a slow start to the Worlds to pick up the lead pace and confirm an Associated 1,2 – after Bruno Coelho had earlier blocked and then ended up tangling with another car. Naoto Matsukura would take P3 just ahead of Spencer Rivkin.