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Monday and finally some on track action that meant something as we rolled into ‘controlled’ practice – no one has any idea why it’s called controlled rather than ‘timed’ or ‘seeding’… IFMAR eh!

Heat 3 would begin today with Ty Tessmann lining up on a pretty moist track in heat 4, unable to go below 34 sec laptimes, the Canadian star probably knew his morning time would be a throwaway but perhaps didn’t expect the track to be that slow. Australia’s Alex Bernadzik impressed in heat 8, only beaten by Juan Carlos Canas in the following heat. Hot off his Miami victory in onroad Naoto Matsukura looked his usual feisty-self, muscling the Infinity badged car round the track to go top with a very competitive 1:40.375. The heavily stacked Heat 13 was led by Davide Ongaro with 1:40.122 followed by an especially patriotic Jared Tebo by 2/10ths. Robert Batlle unable to claim a 3rd fast lap despite going sub 33 secs on a single lap. Heat 15 saw yesterday’s man of the day Ryan Maifield start out, but with his heat being first for water (heats are watered every 4 heats and cycled), he would only manage 13th quickest overall. Not so for Bruno Coelho, in the next heat who would storm through and go sub 1:40, only to be beaten by Dakotah Phend on his opening 3 laps. Many expectantly watched David Ronnefalk in heat 18 but the Swede was only able to deliver a time good enough for 7th in the round after his car was too soft and traffic issues.

1 Dakotah Phend 01:39.7 16/10:06.822 33.068
2 Bruno Coelho 01:40.0 17/10:25.993 33.07
3 Davide Ongaro 01:40.1 18/10:21.530 33.287
4 Jared Tebo 01:40.3 18/10:12.374 33.123
5 Naoto Matsukura 01:40.4 17/9:49.462 33.305
6 Aaron Stringer 01:40.4 18/10:28.973 33.255
7 David Ronnefalk 01:40.6 17/10:05.679 33.114
8 Alex Zanchettin 01:40.7 17/10:04.393 33.286
9 Robert Batlle 01:40.7 17/10:14.124 32.961
10 Spencer Rivkin 01:40.7 18/10:25.669 33.168
11 CJ Jelin 01:41.0 17/10:02.832 33.486
12 Juan Carlos Canas 01:41.1 17/10:10.228 33.396