Today’s Photo Gallery

Sunday mornings are usually for lie-ins but not at the IFMARaraton Worlds, day 23854 (4 actually) of testing/practice and only the 5th or 6th opportunity for many to learn the track. For others who have attempted to protest IFMAR’s long schedule (JQ) it was his first go on the track today, which it must be said, all drivers really genuinely love the flow of and finding speed is looking harder and harder as track evolution comes into play and watering lottery.

This morning’s run saw Ryan Maifield top the timesheets, even though his heat was the last of the round and actually in the afternoon (4:30 hrs + with all the watering). A 3 lap time some 8/10ths faster than Davide Ongaro managed, with Juan Carlos Canas the pacesetter up until then. The afternoon session saw David Ronnefalk up early on whilst Ty Tessmann would struggle perhaps with tyre choice, a wet track, any of the many factors which play their part in determining a drivers’ run.

Whilst its a bit of a lottery due to timing on what track you’ll encounter, Ryan Maifield showed in the final heat of the day, when… hardly anyone went quicker he clicked off 11, 33 sec laps.. other drivers struggling for speed and Maifield meant business. Very impressive. Ronnefalk would claim the headlines in FP2, but Maifield’s run in the final heat really impressed.