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Saturday hosted a single solitary round of 10-minute open practice with a late start offering some participants the opportunity for Friday-night antics if so inclined…

With warmer temperatures experienced today than yesterday and proper sunshine, the track evolved further, with water playing it’s usual part in pitlane discussions excuses, as drivers debated what track conditions they would face.

Heat 11 would kick off proceedings just after midday, with stacked heat 13 producing the frontrunning pace by Robert Batlle, Jared Tebo and Davide Ongaro. As heats cycled through, its fair to suggest track evolution played some part, Maifield would demote Batlle swiftly followed by TLR’s Dakotah Phend by a tenth. The TLR team left scratching their heads somewhat with the 8ight-X as it appears the buggy’s wheelbase is a tad too long. Defending Champion David Ronnefalk would settle less than a tenth behind Mafield over the three laps but claim the day’s fastest lap. His former team mate Ty Tessmann in lowly heat 4 stepped it up a notch and went top ahead of Phend by 44/1000ths of a second, so not much in it! Ty

Team Australia’s charge led by Kyle McBride ending the day in 7th whilst Aaron Stringer sits 13th. Come Sunday we have two further rounds of ‘free practice’ before we go into Controlled Practice on Monday which will determine top seed for qualifying.


Top 3 Laps Result B.Lap
1 Ty Tessmann 01:41.6 16/9:24.299 33.595
2 Dakotah Phend 01:41.6 16/9:17.687 33.676
3 Ryan Maifield 01:41.8 16/9:35.895 33.792
4 David Ronnefalk 01:41.8 16/9:20.341 33.265
5 Robert Batlle 01:42.0 15/9:17.148 33.601
6 Jared Tebo 01:42.1 15/8:53.136 33.877
7 Kyle Ward-McBride 01:42.2 15/9:15.238 33.765
8 Davide Ongaro 01:42.4 15/9:02.388 33.486
9 Cole Ogden 01:42.6 15/9:06.984 33.862
10 Spencer Rivkin 01:42.8 15/8:59.662 33.943