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After a long journey ‘downunder’ we finally arrived to what will be another marathon Worlds – 10 days in length with two opening ‘test days’, yesterday and today (Friday), 3 rounds of open practice over Saturday & Sunday, 2 rounds of controlled practice on Monday. Two rounds of qualifying per day Tuesday-Thursday (6 rounds in total), followed by lower final Friday, and if you haven’t stopped reading, the interesting stuff happens on Saturday… 8 days from now.

The schedule is the schedule, set by IFMAR, not the MORBC hosting club who have so far put on a very professional show with good size pitting area, occasional aerial flypasts from the model flying club next door and a track layout that drivers are very positive towards.

For fellow Australia newbies like myself, I can report, Australian customs is not quite what all the TV shows suggest, rather a friendly Labrador sniffing your whiff after 20+ hours of travel. I have not been killed or stung yet by terrifying insects, although pretty sure the sizeable ants trackside could act as marshals, the flys have a rather amusing side effect of turning some drivers into kidnap victims / beekeepers.

Not a whole lot of news early doors as drivers still to arrive, sad news to hear Italy’s Marco Baruffolo missed out on the trip due to visa issues, otherwise the usual suspects are all in place!