See: RC America

RC America have introduced a a limited edition kit of the XRAY XB8’18 called ‘Special Edition’. The XRAY distributor incorporated the feedback from their race team to put together a combination of standard and optional parts ready to hit the track. Are included in the XB8’18 SE the suspension arms (352120-M, 352133-M and 353116-G) for improved consistency and smooth suspension operation, inline steering blocks and steering arms (352241 and 352370) for improved steering response, front CV drive-shafts (355211/355221) for improved traction, graphite diff cases (355022-G and 355023-G) for improved reliability during long mains and high temperatures, larger spur gear (355058 48T) center spur gear for improved throttle response, upgraded brake pads (354131) for improve consistency and braking feel, 2.2mm front and 2.4MM rear anti roll bars (352492 and 353424) for improved traction, stiffer front 4 dot front springs (358316) for improved handling, longer shock shafts (358262/358267) to increase suspension travel to improve handling in most conditions and wider +1mm and +2mm hex hubs (355251/355252) to maximize vehicle width and improve handling. The stock parts in the standard XB8’18 are replaced by the option parts.