The first round of one of the biggest European carpet series, the Mibosport Cup was held over the weekend. Organisers prepared nice and technical layout with some new jumps. Entries were huge as usual and some big names appeared too. In 4WD buggy, podium fight was basically from the practice separated on two duos – Martin Bayer (XRAY) and Michal Orlowski (Schumacher) fighting for first, while always few seconds back Hupo Honigl (XRAY) and Kaja Novotny (XRAY) fighted out for final podium spot. In qualifications, M.Orlowski set the fastest run to take the overall TQ with XRAY army behind him – M.Bayer, H.Honigl, K.Novotny, Adam Izsay and Max Gotzl.

In A1 M.Orlowski pulled away, while M.Bayer, H.Honigl, A.Izsay and K.Novotny remained together for most of the run and after eventful last lap K.Novotny crossed the line in second. A2 saw M.Orlowski again pulling away, while M.Bayer finished in lonely second with trio of Ales Bidovsky, K.Novotny and A.Izsay behind. M.Orlowski won also this leg, while M.Bayer and H.Honigl battled it out for second with M.Bayer coming out better. 

4WD Buggy Results:

  1. Michal Orlowski 
  2. Martin Bayer – XRAY XB4
  3. Kaja Novotny – XRAY XB4 

In 2wd buggy, M.Orlowski was again topping the screens while M.Bayer and H.Honigl battled for the second place. In qualifications, H.Honigl TQed Q1, but then M.Orlowski stormed Q2 and Q3. M.Bayer completed the Top 3. Finals were pretty much the same scenario as in 4WD. M.Orlowski took the win in all three mains, while M.Bayer managed to move up one spot to take second and H.Honigl finished overall third.

2WD Buggy Results:

  1. Michal Orlowski 
  2. Martin Bayer – XRAY XB2
  3. Hupo Honigl – XRAY XB2