Last weekend was held the second round of the Cup of Urals 2018/2019 at the Imperium Hobby Raceway in Sysert near Ural mountains, Russia. This event brought together racers from Ekaterinburg, Ozersk and Chelyabinsk. The event was held in the 2WD Buggy 17.5 Stock class and the Buggy 4WD 17.5-13.5 Stock class. The multi-surfaces track was narrow making overtakes difficult. In the Buggy 2WD 17.5 Stock class it was Maxim Bersenev who ended up taking the win in front of Nikolay Chermyaninov in second and Viktor Altushkin in third. In the Buggy 4WD 17.5-13.5 Stock classes, Alexey Zebold brought home the win from Leonid Gunin and Alexander Demyanenko in second and third respectively.

Thanks to Viktor Altushkin for the report.