The NSW Pro-Line Challenge was held at the ACT track in Australia. The ACT facility is one of the best in Australia and the track layout and surface is awesome. The track was grooved within the first 2 hours and just got better and better. The Nitro Buggy was a 2 horse race, Ari Bakla (XRAY) picked up TQ after winning all 3 qualifiers, local fast guy Shane Kelly (Mugen) had some super fast lap speed and was second with Craig Laughton (HB Racing) in third. In the 45 minute A-Main, A.Bakla pulled a little gap but would be closed after the first pit stop. For the next 25 minutes A.Bakla and S.Kelly were never more than 2-3 seconds apart, switching the lead until S.Kelly had a large crash in one of the worst areas of the track for a marshal to get too. This gave A.Bakla a large lead which he would protect and cross the line with the win. S.Kelly and C.Laughton rounded out the top 3.

E Buggy ran 7-minute qualifiers and 3 A-Mains. Shane Reid (Mugnen) took the TQ, Lhor was second and Michael Stone (XRAY) in third. It was a 2 way battle for the mains as Lhor had gear mesh issues. S.Reid had a nice lead after M.Stone had a long crash, but once M.Stone settled in he was able to crawl back the 10 second gap to the S.Reid, taking the lead on the last lap and the win in A1. A2 was almost a carbon copy, but with a smaller gap this time around. M.Stone was able to take the lead with a couple of minutes to go and never looked back. Shane Reid in second and Austin McMahon (HB Racing) completed the podium.