Source: circus

The final round of the French 1/8th Nitro Off-road Championship also called Big Race was held at the TSAR track near from Toulouse over the weekend. The layout was very technical and the wind made the jumps very delicate. After 4 intensive rounds of qualifying with 3 different TQ, it was Reno Savoya (TLR) who set the overall TQ. R.Savoya started the 45 minutes final on pole but he made a mistake in the first lap leaving Tom Robin (Team Associated), Yannick Aigoin (XRAY) and Jérôme Aigoin (XRAY) taking the lead alternatively. Savoya will manage to come back in the lead and open a big gap on the field. At thirty minutes he is two laps ahead of the second. But he will break his rear shocks which will force him to repair and he will lose a lap. Back on the track he can not go at the same speed and T.Robin catches him and overtook him 3 minutes from the end. Ultimately, T.Robin takes the win from J.Aigoin in second and Y.Aigoin in third while R.Savoya rounded out in fourth. Despite his disappointment, R.Savoya took the French title.