The 2018 US Open was held at the SCRC track in Canutillo, Texas with over 100 entries battled for numerous titles with Keeny Brosh on the mic. In Nitro Buggy Ryan Maifield (Mugen) was out front for about the first 9 minutes and then Ty Tessmann (XRAY) put a charge on with Cole Ogden (HB Racing) in tow. T.Tessmann would take the win with C.Ogden in second, R.Maifield in third, Mike Truhe (Mugen) in fourth and Camden Lime (HB Racing) in fifth after the hour main.

E-buggy would see R.Maifield check out and then C.Ogden and T.Tessmann would have a battle for most of the 10 minutes . In the last corner of the race T.Tessmann literally sent it into the hay bales to try and get by C.Ogden.

M.Truhe would take the win in Truggy. Travis Saunders and Scott Brewer would battle the 45 minutes with S.Brewer taking second followed by T.Saunders. Cody Taylor would finish a respectable fourth with Hector Meula getting fifth.

Thanks to Tim Lime for the report.