The final round of 2018 Czech Open Series was held last weekend at the Horni Jeleni track. Max Gotzl (XRAY) was able to take the overall TQ from Tomas Kapicka (Kyosho) and Jiri Mara (SWORKz) in Nitro Buggy and from Vaclav Broz (Serpent) and Petr Tomasek (Mugen) in E-buggy classes. M.Gotzl took an easy win in the semi to take the pole position for the main final. After the start he was able to create a comfortable gap, which he could keep all the final to take the overall win from Jiri Benes (XRAY) and T.Kapicka in second and third respectively. In the E-buggy class M.Gotzl took the win the the first two A mains to take the overall win from V.Broz in second and P.Tomasek in third.