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A month ago JQRacing shut down operations in Finland, and moved all stock to Donuts-Racing in France. JQRacing Europe direct sales, and team driver service and support would now be handled from France by Donuts Racing, with JQRacing’s Factory Support. Work is underway, and an English language section of the webshop is being worked on. 

This left Joseph Quagraine’s native Finland without local support, which of course sounds ridiculous, as this is where everything started! No need to worry anymore!

EuroRC, the Finland based webshop, and JQRacing have agreed to begin working together in Finland, with EuroRC supplying the local market, and supporting the Finnish team drivers with the help of Max Mört. This also improves availability in Europe in general, as yet another webshop will be stocking JQRacing parts.

“We have always admired JQ’s way of helping young drivers and taking no shortcuts when it comes to the quality and performance of his products. We have also worked with JQ some years ago before, so it really wasn’t a hard decision to take JQRacing’s products back in, when he asked us. We will make sure that the brand stays strong and THE Drivers get full support in the future too!” – EuroRC