A3 final of the Buggyland 5.0 will be thrilling from start to finish. The track has much more grip and balancing skills in addition to driving are required. If the start of the round looks like that of the A2 with Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) took the lead followed by loan by David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) and Elliott Boots (Kyosho), the resemblance stops here. JC.Canas will make a mistake early enough that will benefit D.Ronnefalk and E.Boots but not for long. D.Ronnefalk will make a mistake but he will work his way to the top of the race and get the head back. meanwhile JC.Canas also returns to the lead duo, overtakes cleanly E.Boots and after a few minutes behind D.Ronnefalk it passes in strength causing a barrel of D.Ronnefalk. If JC.Canas will wait a bit, a gesture greeted by the audience, it will allow E.Boots to go ahead. With a similar error in A2 it is quite strange that the Mugen driver was not sanctioned but the decision belongs to the race director. E.Boots will quickly be under pressure from JC.Canas undeniably a little faster and a few minutes from the end he will manage to pass the MP9 TKI4 who destabilized (or touched?) will going out the track. D.Ronnefalk will be able to overtake Jörn Neumann (SWORKz) with whom he was in battle and the two drivers will finish respectively in 2nd and 3rd. E.Boots and Reno Savoya (TLR) complete the top 5.