After the semifinals, Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) managed to win the fastest semi. In the semi A Elliott Boots (Kyosho) and David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) will race in the lead but gradually the Swedish driver will lose ground toward E.Boots more consistant and faster since almost 17sec separate the two drivers. Riccardo Berton (Kyosho) will do an excellent semi with a 3sec delay on the World Champion. All drivers out of the top 3 are one lap less. Dani Bernabé (Hobao), Jörn Neumann (SWORKz), and Culmsee (HB Racing) are the other finalists. In the semi B JC.Canas will be the only one to do 29 laps and get the fastest ctime. João Figueiredo (Kyosho), Martin Wollanka (SWORKz), Reno Savoya (TLR), Micha Widmaier (SWORKz), Joan Espasa (Agama) and Ignacio Candel (HB Racing) round out the finalists. Rayan Medjoubi (Kyosho) and Oscar Navarro (Mugen) are also the finalists thanks to the LCQ.