The Buggyland 5.0’s one-hour finale proves once again that nothing can be taken for granted and how one should never forget that the race sometimes has cruel surprises. For 40 minutes we have attended a demonstration of Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen). The Spanish racer is clearly outclassed and seems almost impossible to follow. If he makes a mistake, no worries, he rises the pace and get back into his routine, really impressive. Unfortunately luck will decide otherwise. While he is leading he flames out and the time he go back to the track David Ronnefalk (HB Racing), who was only 4sec behind, took the lead and will not let go. D.Ronnefalk will make a strong race, mentally very hard. He knew he could not keep up with JC.Canas but he keep the score down and luck did the rest. Elliott Boots (Kyosho), who was racing in similar speed, will take second place one lap down after a difficult final. The third is SWORKz driver Martin Wollanka, also after a tough and consistant final.