After a night of rest, the drivers are back for the last day at the Buggyand 5.0 in Madrid, Spain. A2 will be dominated by David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) after a perfect run. From the start D.Ronnefalk puts pressure on Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) and he himself has to handle Elliott Boots (Kyosho) also very fast. Barely 2 laps after, JC.Canas make a mistake and the two European Champions overtake him. Canas will start again in 5th position but in his eagerness not to let go of the two leading men he will hit Martin Wollanka (SWORKz) and get a warning. D.Ronnefalk then pulls away little by little from E.Boots, a gap accentuated by a mistake from UK driver. D.Ronnefalk will never be joined and will finish with 11sec ahead of the 2nd. The battle will move towards the fight for 2nd between E.Boots and JC.Canas. At one minute from the end JC.Canas will slightly increase the pace and pushing E.Boots into any errors. JC.Canas comes in 2nd in front of E.Boots in 3rd while M.Wollanka managed to finish in 4th and Reno Savoya (TLR) in 5th.