Spain has some great tracks such as Redovan which hosted the 2016 Euro A and more recently the Neo Race and La Nucia track where was held the Italian Job Race, Spain Edition in 2015. The Circuito CARTT Fuencarral, venue of the Buggyland is also an exceptional facility. The track, without reaching the gigantism of Redovan is rather large and its elevation of 7 meters makes it a kind of European C-Netic. The track was superbly prepared and the field, a sandy mix was copiously watered and packed. The layout is fast in the lower part near the pits and more technical in the parts in slopes. The spacious podium is not particularly high but its width allows to find its place without struggle for a glimpse. The covered pits are in two parts, one located traditionally behind the podium and the other on the side. The starting area has boxes corresponding to the driver number. Further away is a cleaning area equipped with a compressor and water. Of course the club has a part for the catering and sale of products related to the event.